Export duty on oil in Russia from August 1 will increase by $ 6.3 per ton

From August 1, the export duty on oil in the Russian Federation will rise by $ 6.3 to $ 67.8 per ton, it follows from the calculations of the Ministry of Finance. Now the export duty is $ 61.5 per ton.

The duty on light oil products and oils will increase from $ 18.4 to $ 20.3 per ton, on dark – from $ 61.5 to $ 67.8. The duty on the export of commercial gasoline will rise to $ 20.3, and straight-run gasoline – to $ 37.2 per ton. Liquefied gas (LPG) will be subject to a duty of $ 9, the duty on pure fractions of liquefied petroleum gases will be $ 7.2, on coke – $ 4.4 per ton.

Earlier, the Federal Customs Service reported that the export of Russian oil in value terms in January-May increased by 7.1% and amounted to $ 36.26 billion.

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