Experts talk about the right choice of winter tires

Experts of the service for buying a car online (part of the Sber ecosystem) SberAuto told how to choose the right winter tires for your car.

According to a press release received by Izvestia on September 20, the choice of winter tires largely depends on how the car is planned to be used during the winter period and in what climatic conditions. If you are planning trips on country roads, as well as off-road, then it is better to opt for studded rubber – it copes better with icy roads.

It is noted that for trips inside a big city, where the road surface is regularly processed, snow is removed and a high speed mode is set, it is better to consider friction tires, the so-called Velcro. The use of “spikes” in the city increases the risk of accidents, since this type of rubber significantly lengthens the braking distance on asphalt.

Another important factor to consider when choosing winter tires is the type of tread pattern. Symmetrical non-directional pattern is a versatile option. A car on rubber with such a pattern is comfortable to drive and has good grip on ground surfaces. Directional symmetrical pattern – budget and versatile for any surface, with good handling at high speeds. Such a pattern effectively removes water, mud and snow, and provides a confident ride on a city highway. The non-directional asymmetric pattern is the most expensive and innovative tread pattern that guarantees excellent grip, good handling and high-quality lateral stability of the vehicle.

Next, it is important to determine the key parameters of the tires. For example, 255/30 R20 means the tire is 255 mm wide, the percentage of tire height to width is 30%, and the tire’s inner diameter is 20 inches. In addition to the basic parameters, tire marking also includes an index of speed and load.

Experts also point out that when choosing winter tires, one should proceed from the optimal price-to-quality ratio. For a car of a high price segment, one should not focus on the very bottom of the market and save on rubber – this approach can lead to a deterioration in speed characteristics, rapid suspension wear or an increase in fuel consumption. For cars of the middle and low price segments, you can choose any tire in terms of cost – usually the price category of a car corresponds to the price category of tires purchased for it.

On July 6, the Russians announced the requirements for the dream car. Thus, more than a third of Russians – 38% – prefer off-road vehicles. Among the key characteristics of a car, residents of the country emphasize reliability (84%), comfort for the driver and passengers (82%), attractive design and low cost of maintenance (both options – 51% each).

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