Experts talk about a way to deal with the blues after the weekend

On Sunday, people may start to feel the blues, which usually start in the middle of the day. It is associated with the imminent arrival of Monday. Instead of recuperating, people worry about the start of the work week. The experts explained how to deal with this condition.

So, experts advised to postpone important matters and cleaning to Saturday, and devote Sunday to rest and entertainment. In addition, on Sunday, you should only do those things that are truly enjoyable – this will help to recharge before the start of the week.

Experts advise to schedule work cases on Friday so as not to spend the last day off on preparation, adds the Radius website.

Experts also advise spending time in a pleasant company – friendly communication and laughter relieve any sadness and worries. On Sunday, it is also recommended to devote a few hours to yourself – go for a massage, be quiet or take a bath.

Earlier, on September 10, social psychologist Alexei Roshchin said that blues is a mental state accompanied by anxiety, sadness, despondency and irritability. This state is a natural reaction to a change in biorhythm.

Factors in the appearance of the autumn blues include a lack of sunlight, colds, the end of summer holidays and the beginning of the school year.

Symptoms of blues include poor sleep, sudden mood swings, constant fatigue, distracted attention, sadness for no reason, apathy, increased anxiety and irritability, the expert added.

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