Ex-player of “Fenerbahce” and “Besiktash” Ozturk suspected of murder

Turkish police are looking for former football player Sezer Ozturk, who is suspected by law enforcement officers of a murder on the road and subsequent escape from the scene. As NTV Spor reported on September 27, the crime took place on September 19 in Istanbul.

According to eyewitnesses, the ex-player of famous teams opened fire on people. As a result, one person died from his injuries, and four more are in the hospital.

The gunman, as witnesses told local law enforcement officers, did not like the traffic jam that formed on the highway. First, he arranged a verbal skirmish with one of the road users, after which he took up arms.

35-year-old Sezer Oztürk played for German Bayer, Nünberg, and then left for Turkey. The footballer finished his career in 2015.

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