Employees of “VIM-Avia” began to pay wage arrears through the sale of Bratsk airport

Former employees of the airline “VIM-Avia” began to return wage arrears. Olga Sherstneva, a representative of the injured workers of the bankrupt carrier, told Kommersant that 30 people received the first money on the evening of September 23rd. The total amount of debt is 289 million rubles. 1.3 thousand ex-workers should receive money within two weeks. According to her, the bankruptcy manager of VIM-Avia decided to pay off the debt at the expense of funds from the sale of Bratsk airport, which belongs to the bankrupt carrier. In the spring, an asset for 495 million rubles. acquired Rusal, however, as Kommersant reported, it still cannot close the deal, since the investigation does not remove from the asset the arrest imposed in 2018 due to wage arrears of the former owner of the airport. VIM-Avia Vyacheslav Kononov, the transfer of funds is made under his personal responsibility. The decision, he said, was made with a view to the subsequent lifting of the arrest, which would allow Rusal to register the Bratstka airport ….

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