Deputy Chairman of NOVATEK announced the settlement of the issue of taxes in the United States

Mark Jetway, deputy chairman of the board of Novatek, said that he had settled the tax evasion issue, for which he was arrested in the United States. In an address to friends and colleagues, Mr. Jetway said he pleaded not guilty: “On Thursday, I was faced with unfounded tax charges, which I had already settled through the voluntary program, and I pleaded not guilty. I will actively fight these allegations and will continue to discuss gas topics as usual, ”wrote Mark Jetway on Twitter. Mr. Jetway was arrested in Florida on September 23rd. According to the US Department of Justice, Mark Jetway did not provide information about offshore assets and hid information about his income. He faces 20 years in prison. On September 24, Mr. Jetway was released on bail of $ 80 million. The Russian gas company NOVATEK assured that the arrest of the deputy chairman of the board Mark Jetway in the United States would not affect its work. At the same time, NOVATEK shares fell by 4% on the news of the arrest. Read more about the arrest in….

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