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Denmark withdrew permission to lay a competitor of Nord Stream 2


The Danish Environmental and Food Complaints Council revoked the environmental permit for the Baltic Pipe project issued by the Environmental Protection Agency on 12 July 2019. The decision to withdraw it was made on Monday, May 31st.

Baltic Pipe is a Polish gas pipeline, which is planned to be completed in autumn 2022 and filled with gas from Norway. In 2020, Warsaw proposed replacing Nord Stream 2 with Baltic Pipe.

According to the council, the agency issued the permit before it was sufficiently clarified how the animals in the area around the pipeline were protected. “The Appeals Commission asserts that all measures (for the protection of animal habitats – “B”) must be fully clarified prior to issuing an environmental permit, ”said Energinet, the national operator of the transportation system for electricity and natural gas (quoted by Via.Ritzau).

Now Energinet, together with the authorities, will clarify the implications of the decision for the Baltic Pipe project, but is in the process of suspending construction work pending obtaining the necessary permits.

Read more about the plans for the pipeline in the publication “Kommersant FM” “Warsaw Promotes Baltic Pipe”.

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