Dana Borisova spoke about the fearsome sleeping areas of Moscow

Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova has listed the sleeping areas of Moscow that cause her fear.

Thus, she included Sviblovo, Kotelniki, as well as the vicinity of the Elektrozavodskaya metro station in her personal rating of the terrifying metropolitan areas. At the same time, as the TV presenter noted, this fear may well be unfounded. However, these areas of the capital “make her sad.”

According to Borisova, in these areas “everything is not the same as in the center.”

“I’m used to the fact that if there is a house, then its territory is fenced and well-equipped,” she shared in an interview with Moskvich Mag.

The TV presenter clarified that she lives in a closed quarter, which has all the necessary infrastructure.

In April, a zoologist and biogeographer, professor at Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov recorded a podcast about his favorite places in Moscow. Walking through the memorable places in the capital, those who wish can listen to the memories of Nikolai Drozdov about the times when the main building of Moscow State University was under construction. Then, as a schoolboy, he dreamed of entering this university.

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