Credit Suisse continues to support the life of Greensill Capital at the expense of investors

Credit Suisse’s investors will have to pay $ 145 million for the fintech startup Greensill Capital, which went bankrupt at the beginning of the year, to continue its existence. of the year. Credit Suisse, which at one time allocated $ 10 billion to the startup in its funds, ended up being forced to urgently return this money to its investors. The bank managed to return about $ 7 billion. According to the bank itself, in order for it to have a chance of returning another $ 3 billion, it needs to support the life of a de facto startup that has not been functioning for six months, including paying its employees a salary. The statement of the Swiss bank about the impending write-offs angered investors, but he claims that he has no other choice – otherwise the bank will have no one to present claims for non-payment of bills. “The restoration work that Credit Suisse is doing on behalf of the fund’s investors….

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