Credit rating downgraded to SME Bank by two notches

The SME bank, suffering billions of dollars in losses, has lost two more grades of its credit rating. Expert RA agency downgraded it from ruBBB to ruBB +. Prior to that, in June, the agency downgraded the bank’s rating by four notches at once. At the same time, Kommersant’s source estimated the required amount of additional capitalization at 10 billion rubles. Now, as Expert RA reports with reference to information from the bank, additional capitalization will not happen until the end of 2021 – plans to support the bank have been postponed until 2022. additional formation of a significant amount of reserves and the absence of plans for additional capitalization until the end of 2021, as well as a significant decrease in the liquidity reserve ”. In particular, the agency notes “a very weak position in terms of capital adequacy, a vulnerable liquid position and a low assessment of corporate governance and strategic planning.” From May to July 2021, net deductions to reserves exceeded 6 billion rubles, and by the end of the year….

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