COVID-19 doomed millions of Americans to poverty

    Millions of Americans were literally left without a livelihood due to the coronavirus pandemic. About it writes with reference to MarketWatch data.

    So, a third of American families have only $ 500 or less for urgent home repairs if the need arises. Over the past year, more than 50% of Americans have encountered emergency repairs.

    The United States will need ten years to revive the economy

    About 38% of citizens said they had to sell property or borrow into debt in order to survive.

    Nearly a quarter of Americans admitted that they did not have savings in case of financial difficulties, and almost a third of families reported a decrease in income.

    Earlier, as Rambler wrote, ex-US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Jr. stated that maintaining the world’s dominance of the dollar would depend on how the US survived the pandemic and sorted out its national debt and structural budget deficit.

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    source: rambler

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