Child benefits will be banned from spending on alcohol and cigarettes

The State Duma in October will consider the bill “On Amendments to Art. 16 of the Federal Law “On State Benefits to Citizens with Children”. The document proposes to create a list of goods, works and services, for which the funds of child benefits cannot be spent. First of all, such goods want to include alcoholic and nicotine-containing products, as well as tobacco products. According to the new rules, it is proposed that the federal government be vested with the authority to form such a list.

The document also provides for the emergence of a special mechanism that would allow controlling the purchases of parents with targeted money. Regional authorities will have to determine it. As an example of such a mechanism, the authors of the bill call the opening of a “social electronic account” in the national payment system. The state could transfer funds to it, and then control all transactions.

Information about the consideration of the bill was confirmed to Izvestia by the staff of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children.

The document was submitted to the lower house in June this year. Dmitry Frolov, head of the Kurgan Region Legislative Assembly, a member of United Russia, asked the State Duma Speaker to accept him. In an explanatory note to the document, he said that parents have no right to harm the physical and mental health of children, their moral development.

Read the full story in the exclusive Izvestia article:

“Not on toys: benefits will be prohibited from spending on alcohol and cigarettes”

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