Business in St. Petersburg will be able to work only if 60% of employees are vaccinated

In St. Petersburg, it is allowed to issue QR codes with work permits only to those organizations in which at least 60% of employees are vaccinated. The norm is contained in the published regulation (.pdf).

“The Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg, by June 22, 2021, shall approve the procedure for organizations (individual entrepreneurs) to receive a unique QR code confirming that at least 60% of employees (of the actual number of employees) have taken coronavirus vaccination measures. infections, ”the decree says.

The authorities did not disclose the new requirement in a June 19 press release on the new restrictions. It only stated that it was necessary to vaccinate 65% of officials, employees of state institutions and state unitary enterprises. QR codes in St. Petersburg should be received by all organizations and individual entrepreneurs to work in a pandemic.

The authorities of St. Petersburg have introduced new restrictions due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus since June 17. These restrictions include a ban on night work of catering establishments, a decrease in the permitted occupancy of cinema halls from 75% to 50%, and a ban on the operation of food courts.

On the growth of morbidity in Russia – in the material “b” “In connection with the expansion of strains.”

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