British hotels and restaurants ask government to make it easier for foreigners to enter

About 70 representatives of the UK hospitality industry have demanded that the government make it easier for foreign citizens to obtain visas, according to the Financial Times.

In a joint letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, executives of hotels, hotels, bars and restaurants urged authorities to reduce work visa requirements as soon as possible, as the industry faces a severe shortage of employees following Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. …

The UK Hospitality Association said that the average UK hospitality and restaurant business is experiencing a 10% labor shortage. And, despite the increased demand compared to last year, the business is not able to satisfy it: many are forced to reduce the number of rooms and tables available for booking, or to close completely due to the lack of the proper number of employees.

Earlier, critical labor shortages were reported by meat suppliers asking for more prisoners to be allowed into production. The crisis also led to a significant shortage of gasoline at gas stations, as there was simply no one to deliver it to the gas station. As a result, the government agreed to urgently issue 10,500 temporary visas to cope with an acute shortage of truck drivers and agricultural workers.

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