British authorities will help utilities to take care of customers of bankrupt competitors

British Minister of Business Affairs Quasi Quarteng told Sky News that the authorities are planning to intervene in the crisis related to the rise in electricity prices, which has put some energy companies, mainly small regional firms, in a difficult position. The government will provide local energy companies with government loans, but it does not intend to “throw taxpayer money” on companies that are “poorly managed”, but will only help those who will take on the customer service of companies that went bankrupt due to the crisis. another company that crashed, it costs money. Therefore, in such cases, we can start a discussion about the conditions for the allocation of a loan to compensate for such costs, ”said Mr. Quarteng. “Every year from five to eight companies leave the market, and I don’t want to support companies that fail, I don’t want them to be rewarded for failure,” the minister emphasized, who also denied….

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