BF Marines began to practice airborne landing

Servicemen of the airborne assault and reconnaissance units of the Baltic Fleet (BF) marines carry out training parachute jumps in the Kaliningrad region. This became known on Friday, September 24.

Airborne assault is being practiced as part of planned airborne training.

Military personnel are landing from the Mi-8 transport and combat helicopters of the BF naval aviation in groups of up to 20 people at a time, the altitude range is from 600 to 1200 m.The jumps are practiced in different weather conditions, in daylight and in the dark, in full combat gear, with weapons and landing on unequipped sites.

During the landing, the infantrymen conduct targeted fire in the air, then they practice tactical tasks on the ground – they defend the area, capture and hold fortified firing points of the conditional enemy.

More than 100 marines are involved in combat training.

On Tuesday, September 21, it became known that in the Primorsky Territory, during the tactical exercises of the marines of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy for the defense of the sea coast, the units repulsed an attack by an “enemy” landing from the sea.

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