Belarus received American oil


    American oil purchased by the republic began to flow to Belarusian Naftan refineries, spokesman for Belneftekhim concern Alexander Tishchenko said.

    “American oil has already begun to flow to Naftan. At noon, the oil began to drain from [rail] tanks arrived in the morning, ”Tishchenko told RIA Novosti.

    On Thursday, a composition of 60 tanks arrived at the plant from Klaipeda, 17 of which contain American fuel.

    The delivery of Arab oil to the oil refinery, which arrived in Klaipeda in mid-March for Belarus by tanker, is also nearing completion.

    Tishchenko added that all American raw materials will go to the plant within 10 days.

    “The plant is preparing to involve it in processing. Processing will begin after the control procedures, ”the spokesman explained.

    Recall, on June 6, the first tanker with 77 thousand tons of American oil for Belarus arrived at the port of Lithuania Klaipeda.

    Since the beginning of the year, Belarus has already purchased Norwegian and Azerbaijani oil with transshipment in the ports of Klaipeda and Odessa.

    In addition, in April, Minsk agreed with Warsaw to pump oil in the amount of about 100 thousand tons per month from Poland to its oil refinery in Mozyr.

    Meanwhile, on June 1, it was reported that Russia had increased oil supplies to Belarus.

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