AvtoVAZ produces cars without a radio tape recorder and multi-wheel due to a shortage of microchips

AvtoVAZ offered dealers its cars without a multimedia system and a multi-wheel with cruise control function. The cost of a set of “comfort light” is lower by only 10-13 thousand, reported “Transtekhservice” and two other large sellers of the Vedomosti brand. Delivery of cars in a different configuration may occur in two months and without a guarantee of maintaining the price due to the shortage of microelectronic components.

The press service of AvtoVAZ did not comment on the message. A representative of one of the dealers said that buyers have no choice and they install a multimedia system with an additional payment of 50 thousand rubles. in the cabin. In his opinion, all cars in the “comfort light” configuration will be sold within a month from the date of delivery.

Vyacheslav Zubarev, general director of Transtekhservice, said that the new equipment is in demand. Delivery times are important because prices are going up. So, from July 1 there will be an increase in the price of AvtoVAZ cars by 15-25 thousand rubles. for the entire lineup.

AvtoVAZ last week announced plans to enter the price segment above 1 million rubles. within five years (calculated at current prices). This is a strategic decision by the company based on the plans of its shareholder Renault to increase profitability.

More details – in the material of “Kommersant” “AvtoVAZ will roll up to the middle class.”

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