Almost a third of Russians plan to stay at home on vacation

Every third Russian thinks that vacation this year is best spent at home, according to the results of the SuperJob poll. This is what 31% of Russian vacationers will do in July-September.

The survey was conducted in 388 cities in all districts of Russia. It was attended by 1.6 thousand people over 18 years old.

“29% of Russians are sure that the summer of 2021 is best spent at home. For recreation at the dacha – 14% of the respondents. Every eighth (12%) believes that this summer you can have a great vacation at sea, and 7% are convinced that it would be best to go to any country open to Russians (meaning far abroad, with the exception of Turkey – Greece, UAE, Maldives , Cuba, Albania, etc.), ”the study says. At the same time, women would more often like to go to Russian resorts in Crimea and Krasnodar Territory, and men would like to go to Turkey.

The Krasnodar Territory has introduced compulsory vaccination for tourists who stayed in hotels for at least one night since August 1. Entry is still possible with a negative PCR test, but then vaccination is required even outside the resort, otherwise a fine will have to be paid. Against the background of these changes, private traders raised housing prices – so far by 5-10%.

More details – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Tourists will be prescribed vaccination.”

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