Alexander Emelianenko defeated Artyom Tarasov by unanimous decision

Alexander Emelianenko won the fight against Artem Tarasov by unanimous decision of the judges. The fight was held under the auspices of the Russian promotion “Nashe Delo”, reported on Saturday, September 18, the edition “Sport-Express”.

During the fight, Tarasov was knocked down four times. The confrontation was held according to the rules of fist fights with gloves for MMA, each round lasted two minutes.

For heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko, the fight was the first since July last year, then the athlete at the ASA tournament in Sochi lost by knockout in the third round to middleweight Magomed Ismailov. The 40-year-old fighter will receive 10 million rubles for the confrontation with Tarasov.

Artem, on the other hand, will earn half the money from the fight with Emelianenko – 5 million rubles. This year, Tarasov has already entered the ring as part of the REN TV Fight Club, where he lost to Mikhail Koklyaev and Tyson Dijon.

On March 8, MMA fighter Vyacheslav Datsik challenged mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko to a duel. Datsik said that he was ready to fight not for money, but for an idea. The fighter also noted that he was ready for a boxing match or an MMA fight.

On February 19, Datsik already announced his desire to resolve the conflict with the MMA fighter Emelianenko in a fight in the ring, so that he did not have to go beyond the law. Since 2010, athletes have repeatedly spoken out negatively towards each other.

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