Airbus plans to launch a hydrogen-fueled liner

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury told reporters that his company plans to launch a hydrogen-fueled aircraft by 2035. “To use hydrogen as a fuel, we do not need to change the laws of physics,” the top manager emphasized (quoted by the Financial Times). “The specific energy content of hydrogen is three times higher than that of aviation kerosene, so from a technical point of view, it is simply created for aviation.” At the same time, according to Mr. Fori, not only technical and financial aspects, but also regulatory ones are important in this process. He noted that the company needs to “achieve a certain level of confidence” by about 2027–2028 about the extent to which regulators are ready to support Airbus’s initiatives to introduce hydrogen fuel into the aviation industry, by which time the company will have to make a final decision on its investment program. “The problem of decarbonization lies not only in creating the appropriate aircraft, but also in having the right fuel – in this case hydrogen – for the right….

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