About half of Russians refused ATM services

About half of Russians (51%) practically do not use ATMs for financial transactions, while about 11% of citizens continue to use ATMs every day, according to a survey by RGS Bank (part of the Otkritie Bank Group). Survey participants also reported that their preferences for frequency of ATM use remained almost unchanged during the pandemic.

The survey involved 1,535 respondents over 18 years old from Russian cities with a population of more than 1 million people. The study was conducted in June, data was collected using questionnaires and an online survey. The results are published by TASS.

“Every third Russian (30% of the respondents) has not used ATMs for a long time, preferring remote formats of interaction with banks. Another 21% answered that they use an ATM several times a year, ”- follows from the survey data. At the same time, almost 50% of respondents continue to use ATMs. 25% of respondents perform financial transactions with their help several times a month, 13% – weekly, 11% – daily.

In Moscow, only 6% of respondents use ATMs every day, another 10% – several times a week, about 25% – several times a month, 23% – several times a year. 36% of the capital’s residents do not use ATMs. The majority of survey participants (64%) reported that during the pandemic, their preferences regarding the frequency of using ATMs practically did not change, 28% began to make financial transactions through ATMs less often, and about 8%, on the contrary, began to do it more often.

According to media reports, starting next year, banks can introduce the function of withdrawing cash from an ATM from someone else’s card using a QR code. To withdraw money or replenish an account, you will need to generate a QR code in the bank’s mobile application and send it to another person; to perform these operations, he will need to scan the code at an ATM.

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